The Scoop

The facts of the matter, as they stand currently:

I am 7.5 weeks pregnant. Morning sickness of the all-day variety is my constant companion. I would rather have Mrs. Bennett’s nerves. Zofran is a wonderful invention.

I am supposed to start chemotherapy once I hit the second trimester, in mid- to late-May. Treatment will happen every two weeks and run from 8 to 12 times. I am hopeful it will be 8, but we find out next week more about what stage I am at and what that means for my treatment plan.

I am in line for a consult with high-risk OB and a second opinion at a larger medical research center. I am getting a lot of special attention!

We saw a perfect little heartbeat on ultrasound earlier this week and are hopeful that baby will be ultimately clueless about any of this adventure s/he is going on with me. I think I managed to blow my OB’s mind when I told her about my cancer diagnosis.

I have the most amazing family and friends I could ever imagine, all praying and supporting and simply there for me without question. I feel incredibly blessed and humbled by all of you!

My husband, while still very much a normal man who is dealing with this situation in very normal ways, is a hero. My hero, and our boys’ hero, and our baby’s hero. I am the only one of the four of us who realizes it yet, but someday they will know too. I cannot imagine this without him.

That’s all for now. I will update “when time and place shall serve.”

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One Response to The Scoop

  1. Rosie Schlenker says:

    Our family will be praying for you

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