Waiting for Information

Tomorrow we go for a second visit to the hematologist and will get more information about my stage and the length of treatment needed. Since the first appointment two weeks ago I have done blood work, a chest X-ray, and an abdominal MRI. The hope is that there will be no involvement in the lungs, the lymph nodes near the trachea, or the abdomen, any of which would indicate a more advanced stage. As of two weeks ago, knowing only that the majority of involvement was on my left side but that there was some on the right, the estimate was an early stage 2. Hoping for that to hold!

Whatever the results are tomorrow will determine how long I will need to do chemo. Minimum is four cycles (a cycle is two treatments two weeks apart) and it could go to six or even eight. Four would be my ideal, of course–fewer treatments to undergo, it would mean that the cancer is not “that bad”, and I would be done by the beginning of the third trimester and have a couple of months for recovery and “just” being pregnant. I will do what is needed to get rid of it, if more treatment is necessary, but that is my hope. We’ll have more info tomorrow.

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