9 weeks

Today I had another ultrasound to check on baby before the consult with the high-risk OB about all of the Hodgkin’s treatment issues. All good! Strong little heartbeat and little peanut baby measuring right on target. 🙂 Thanks everyone for the prayers, keep them coming!

The consult didn’t give much new information; the main messages were 1) if I end up with chemo while pregnant they will join the crew that will be monitoring me closely, 2) watch that iron intake! Beef and spinach! You don’t want injectable supplements! and 3) it’s all about balancing the pregnancy and treatment. No big surprises.

I did find out that, contrary to my earlier impression, they DO check baby’s gender at the big ultrasound! Well, technically they are checking for structural issues, but they do look. Huh. And, no, we are still not planning to find out. Sorry, Mom.

Tomorrow I go for a repeat heart echo to see what my pericardial effusion is doing (love those big medical terms!) before I see a cardiologist to get their take on it. One more specialist, check.

And…we are off for our second opinion next Tuesday, hand-carrying discs of all of my scans. I’m not sure how much new information that will give us, either, but in this case corroboration of the current plan could be good! It’s about a 2-hour drive, so a nice little day trip. Hah.

I think my new goal is to have a week with no medical appointments. No doctors. No scans. No blood work. I have a sense that it had better happen sooner rather than later, because medical-free weeks will be very rare once treatment starts. For now, thanks to wonderful and dearly loved family we do have the promise of just such a week in the near-ish future. All of the appointments will just have to fit around family vacation.

So that is the current situation. Still feeling nice and sick (yay?!) and getting to the I-am-so-tired stage too, both of which are normal for me. I am focusing prayers right now on not having to start chemo until after baby is born, and born ready. Second tier is to have a little bit of good second trimester time–not sick, not as tired, relatively mobile, my favorite part of all of it (except the birth and baby, of course). I am so grateful that all is going well right now! I feel very blessed that my body is doing what it is supposed to do for this pregnancy, even if it means dealing with the yuckies for a few months. Count down with me, friends: at nine weeks, and going by two pregnancies of precedent, I have eight weeks of any of this left. It’ll be a fun ride. 🙂

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8 Responses to 9 weeks

  1. Kathleen says:

    Sounds like you have a good set of people looking after you and staying on top of things. With you on this “ride”. ~Kathleen

  2. Dora says:

    Dear Emily,
    Such a wonderful idea about the blog. You are an inspiration to us. Your faith is so strong and we both know that God is good all the time!! Keep us posted, and remember you are all in our prayers, God loves you and so do we.


  3. Celine says:

    Not finding out the gender?! But…but…surely if the ultrasound tech knows, the MOMMA should know, too. No? OK, then have it your way.
    Love and Prayers still coming your way from Michigan!

    • I think the argument has been made that if the tech knows, the grandparents should know. However. 😉 I barely get any use out of our newborn-sized gender-neutral outfits anyway, don’t want to let them go completely to waste!
      Love and prayers much appreciated!

  4. Eileen says:

    Yay for the peanut! And yay for not finding out the gender! It’ll be fun waiting it out together!

    I’m also so glad you’re going to get the specialists. They are really taking care of you!

    This is such a good idea having all your info on this blog. It’s nice to read all in one spot even if I do get to see you and hear your news on a regular basis.

    As always, everyday, praying for you, your peanut, Chris, Joseph, Luke and your parents and brother as you are on this journey.


  5. Nicole says:

    We are thinking about you all and praying for you everyday. We cannot wait to see all you on vacation soon!
    Lots of love, Nicole

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