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And, one left…

…in the round of appointments all bound up in the past week. Tomorrow I have post-op with the heart surgeon and should have official results from last week’s echo. The reviewing doctor there said it looked about the same as … Continue reading

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One down…

…four to go. Speaking here of medical appointments this sennight. Still to come are OB, 12-week ultrasound, heart echo, and post-op. Covering all of the bases! Today was the oncologist,and today was GOOD! I was irrationally pleased that my blood … Continue reading

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12 weeks

This is just a baby post. 🙂 I was so blessed to be able to see baby three times last weekend, each time giving thanks for the flicker of the little heartbeat going strong. We were also able to hear … Continue reading

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I’ve collected a few moments from 2yo Luke this past week and wanted to share. The first one is “on-topic” and the rest are just for fun. 🙂 #1: I had an appointment for an ultrasound on my axillary (armpit) … Continue reading

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Home again, home again! Yesterday, 108 hours after walking into the hospital, I was wheeled out and sent home. I could have walked, but the ride was nice. Even nicer was riding in my car with my husband to my … Continue reading

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This could be the day!

That I get released and go HOME! By the time many of you read this the decision will have been made. We will start the day with another heart echo to see if there is any more fluid in there. … Continue reading

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A new morning

Twenty-four hours ago I was in, or just coming out of, surgery. Going into it this time was much less nerve-wracking; I knew a little more what to expect from prep (that getting an IV is not that bad) and … Continue reading

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