Back in the…saddle?

Or hospital, as the case may be. Not yet, but likely soon.

The pericardial effusion they discovered got slightly worse between two weeks ago (first heart echo) and last week (second echo). This is not what they like to see, and the risks to me and baby warrant going in to drain the fluid. I am going in to talk to the heart surgeon tomorrow afternoon (on our way home from the second opinion consult with the big guys) and it will likely be scheduled for sometime this week. It sounds like this means an overnight in the hospital, but I will get more information tomorrow.

The good news is this will a) remove the fluid, for now, and b) allow them to test the fluid to see if the lymphoma is causing it–the most likely culprit but not the only possibility.

The bad news, on the schedule/stress front at least, is that this is the last week of classes for my husband, and he has a busy first part of next week. I know that time-shifting won’t work, and this is all playing out the way it is just going to play out…but it would be nice if the man could get this semester behind him without MORE of my health stuff throwing things off.

More on the good news front: my mom is coming for a week and a half, flying in tomorrow evening. I am incredibly grateful for my parents at all times but especially at this point in my life. My mom will be corralling two little boys and my dad will be fending or himself while corralling two feisty puppies–both heroes! I am also giving a shout-out to our friend J, who provided chauffering services for Mom at the last minute today.

And now…I am tired. More than usually so, on both the physical and emotional levels. Time for some rock-solid sleep (Insomnia, that is your warning) and a new day tomorrow.

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One Response to Back in the…saddle?

  1. Barbara & Dave says:

    Wish we could be there to lend a hand or hold one..We continue our prayers and love to you. Take one day at a time, rest, patience, trust that all things are in his hands. Mom should just move in or Dad or both or rent the house next doors. I will watch for your next post to get more update on your heart..Love you always ! Auntie Barb & Uncle Dave

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