Rare bird, indeed

That’s what my cardiologist called me this morning.

Surgery to drain the fluid around the heart will be on Friday and I will be in the hospital (but up and around…when I’m not napping) for, it sounds like, 2-3 nights. The important thing is to get ALL of the fluid out. I will be followed for this as well for a while with scans and doctor visits.

It’s a fun moment when the nurse at pre-admission starts laughing when she asks the “are you currently experiencing any stress or anxiety” question. Haha.

The upshot of the heart situation is that if the fluid comes back quickly that could move up the chemo start date. If not…maybe not. That is still very much up in the air and we are still hopeful we can delay. That said, it would seem that we need to be ready for anything on any given day. Which is…maybe a helpful attitude to have for life in general, but gets a little tiring when you keep getting called on it.

It’s late and there are more details to all aspects of our lives that I could write about but won’t so I can go to sleep. Anyone know the patron saint of insomniacs?

Good night!

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7 Responses to Rare bird, indeed

  1. storyshower says:

    the closest thing you’ve got is St. Peter Damian, apparently. so says your Jewish insomniac sister-in-law, who researched this relatively extensively at 3:20am. I love you, and I’m praying for you. πŸ™‚

  2. Aunt Barb & Uncle Dave says:

    When reading your journal and what has been set before you Emily, I can only think of our Blessed Virgin Mary. A mother, and a wife, and a daughter.
    She carried her burden and pain. With that said I will pray to her for your strength through this and that she bless your body, mind and soul. That her love carry you and your unborn child and your son’s and husband through this journey of faith. On these journey listen to your soul, fight with everything you have been given that gives you hope, faith, love..Hold on, we are with you always.

  3. tom curtis says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love yah!

  4. Angela Johnson says:

    Talked to your Bro last night, or A.K.A Angel in Cali πŸ™‚ We are sending you a little something that has giving me and my Dad a little chukkle when we needed it the most. Please take care and I know how hard it is to go from Doc to Doc. So rest when you can, or drink when you can. Totally kidding! Love you Cuz, and you are in my thoughts daily.

    • Aww, thank you! Looking forward to a (careful) chuckle. Drink? Hahaha! Ice water all the way, baby! You all will have to cover the margaritas for me this summer–so nice to know I can count on family. πŸ˜‰ Love you!

  5. mjbonner1021 says:

    Emily, I just found out about your blog. Kathleen linked to it on her blog. As you know, you are in my prayers, as are Chris, the boys, your extended family and most certainly your peanut! God never said we got to see the whole picture or understand why, he did say he would be with us on the journey. If needed, he will carry us. Trust is a hard thing, but I pray you have peace and can trust that he knows and sees the big picture.


  6. Robert T. Ludwick says:

    That might be St. Ambian of the 4th Watch….not sure.
    Our prayer will continue to be for excellent sleep, among other matters. As the Bard’s great great great nephew opined, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all!” (Actually I think that is attributed to Winston Churchill). Blessings from SB!!

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