Home again, home again!

Yesterday, 108 hours after walking into the hospital, I was wheeled out and sent home. I could have walked, but the ride was nice. Even nicer was riding in my car with my husband to my house and seeing my boys and my mom and sleeping in my bed that night. I am still pretty tired, but otherwise well. The delay in sending me home was partly due to the fluid taking a while to stop draining and partly due, I think, to the nature of hospital communication. The extra night turned out to be a good thing since 2yo got sick right at bedtime Monday night…doesn’t appear to have been contagious and he now has medication for an ear infection, but at the time it was hard to tell!

In the next week I have a baseline ultrasound of my axillary lymph nodes, blood work galore, follow-up with hemoncologist, 12-week OB appointment, and screening ultrasound with the high-risk OB office. And, I need another heart echo somewhere in there before post-op with the heart surgeon on the 22nd. Whee. At my original appointment with the hemoncologist, he asked if I worked and, told no, said, “That will make all of this a lot easier to manage.” No joke. Husband is wrapping up his semester, thank goodness, but we are still in a very medically busy time. The hospital stay was a weird respite in that respect–anything that happened came to me instead of the other way around. I actually missed the first appointment for tomorrow’s ultrasound–had to call them and say, “Um, can’t make it since I’m currently in the hospital.” They were very understanding!

Other than my little one being a sad sick little boo, it has been so good to be home. Lots of snuggles and hugs, big boy and I got some good friend time this morning, and even little one falling asleep on my lap (snoring!) this evening, which wouldn’t have happened in a lifetime of healthy evenings, have all been very nice welcomes home. Add in the big box of truffles that came as an early Mother’s Day gift from my parents (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and I am good to go.

I won’t recount the whole “tube in my heart” experience in too much detail, other than to say that the anticipation of having it removed sent my heart rate up enough that my nurse came to check on me, the actual removal was quick and weird and not exactly painful, and the wound area seems to be healing quickly.

Other odd facts/observations: I endured six needles while in the hospital. I got three ultrasounds and a Doppler check on baby. Good nurses are amazing, amazing people. I could (and did) watch Undercover Boss for hours. I neither napped nor read as much as I thought I would. It is amazing how much more human I feel with my contacts in. And, there’s no place like home. 🙂

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3 Responses to Jiggity-jig

  1. Dora says:

    Dear Emily, I am glad to hear everything is going well. I am pretty sure God is by your side all the time, and He is giving you the strength to continue this voyage. Keep up with your positive attitude, I have so much admiration for you. Thank you for the update. We are thinking of you, and you are all in our prayers. With much love and respect.

  2. akasleen says:

    Truffles? Those are some great parents.
    Glad you are HOME! Home is the best. I wonder why to remove a kidney drain they knock a person out, but for a HEART, no? Medicine. I don’t understand it.

    • It was a skinny little tube so apparently inflammation around it closes up the little holes…not sure what is involved with a kidney drain! I felt a little like a lawn mower getting started. 😉

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