12 weeks

This is just a baby post. πŸ™‚

I was so blessed to be able to see baby three times last weekend, each time giving thanks for the flicker of the little heartbeat going strong. We were also able to hear the heartbeat via Doppler, at 10.5 weeks pregnant, which means it would be worth it now to rent a Doppler machine so I can check in any time. πŸ˜‰ Don’t think I actually will, but it’s nice to be far enough along that it would work.

I have an OB appointment on Wednesday (more Doppler action) and an ultrasound for baby on Thursday, so lots of checking in this week. Between the checks and the (depending how you calculate) end of the first trimester, this will probably be the week we go public about the pregnancy. On Facebook, that is…if you are reading this blog you probably already know! Under ordinary circumstances we would have told only our families and fifty closest friends before this, but these being extraordinary times it is more like our 3000 best prayer warriors. πŸ™‚

I am still a bit more tired than usual, although it is getting closer and closer to normal first trimester tiredness for me. I have lost a few pounds, but nothing like with the boys, and am feeling pretty nauseous most of the time, but with the help of Zofran, again, nothing like with the boys. Only a few more weeks of this, if I follow my usual pattern, and then comes the fun part. I am not showing yet, but can definitely tell I am growing. I have no plans to stay in non-elastic garments any longer than they fit comfortably! I should be sporting belly panels by the time the “morning” sickness fades. I will say it now: I LOVE the second trimester.

After having two babies and not finding out the genders before the births, we have pretty much all of the gender-neutral baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, swaddlers, and other baby equipment we could possibly need. We also have some mostly unused newborn-sized socks since both boys have had huge feet…if we get another “swimmers build” I am just going to give all the socks away to women who have petite babies. (I don’t have large feet…wonder where these kids get theirs.) We did, however, run into a major equipment need for a third baby: a larger vehicle. We have had a Honda Civic for nearly ten years now, but ain’t gonna execute the maneuvers necessary to get three carseats across the backseat of one! So, today we traded in (and up) for a minivan. We are very excited and happy to have the space even just with the four of us. Farewell, little blue car. You were a reliable companion on many many journeys.

So, now we just need a new infant seat and we are pretty much ready. We can twiddle our thumbs and wait about six and a half months. I sure hope we don’t get bored in the meantime!

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4 Responses to 12 weeks

  1. akasleen says:

    Welcome to club mini-van! We’re at capacity now in our (used) Ford Freestar. What did you get? Brace yourself for the shock at the gas pump πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks! It’s a 2010 Odyssey, so also used. We got a full tank from the dealer so have at least until next week to feel it…I am already re-doing the budget though! Insurance is actually not changing much, so “just” gas and the, uh, payment to account for. We love it already, though.

  3. Jesse says:

    Hooray for the minivan!!!! Was it the one you were looking at online? What color? Power doors? I have seen friends with 3 across in a prius and pretty much thought they were NUTS! The minivan may not be “cool” (but really the last time I was “cool” was high school – at best) but they are wonderfully spacious and functional! Welcome to minivandom!

    • Yep, the one I found online. Dark red, and it does have the power sliders…so nice! Yeah, the only way to don three in the Civic would be with a non-removable infant seat–no thank you! And the body space for Chris is really nice. He “fit” in the Civic, but not by much! The thing we keep laughing about is that it has 15 cupholders! Haha! Not sure how we would ever use them all, but the option is there. We all like being up higher too. Overall, very happy with the change.

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