One down…

…four to go. Speaking here of medical appointments this sennight. Still to come are OB, 12-week ultrasound, heart echo, and post-op. Covering all of the bases!

Today was the oncologist,and today was GOOD! I was irrationally pleased that my blood pressure came in at my classic 110/60 after flirting with 95/60 over the past month. I was perhaps more rationally pleased that my blood work was stable for iron, platelets, and…that other thing, and that kidney and liver functions are normal.

I was happiest of all about the lymph node ultrasound from last week. It was done to compare to the original ultrasound from January that led to biopsy and diagnosis, and also as a post-surgery baseline for going forward. On the left side, most of the nodes in that area were removed at biopsy, and honestly I don’t miss ’em. Troublemakers. Those that are left are small. On the right side, the January scan showed nodes measuring up to 2 centimeters. Under 2 cm. is considered “non-pathological”, so those were on the cusp. Last week’s scan shows nodes measuring, at largest, only 1 centimeter! The range is a half to one for what is showing up. The doctor did say that pregnancy hormones can have a steroid effect, and the extra progesterone I am taking will only help that. I can only conclude that baby wants no part of my chemo course and is doing his/her best to keep it at bay. πŸ™‚ I also conclude that prayer is working.

The upshot of this visit is that I am staying in the holding pattern of monthly bloodwork, ultrasound, and oncologist visits for now. The big question at this point is the heart situation, so that is my focus for prayer requests–that the echoes show normal fluid levels over the next six months. I feel very positive about the possibility, although I know we need to be prepared for that to change. For now, I feel like one of the healthier cancer patients walking around, and I am thankful beyond words to not be starting chemo next week as I expected to six weeks ago.

In other news, we are all enjoying the new van as well as more relaxed family time now that Daddy’s semester is over. We are also looking forward to a family vacation over Memorial week and some very special visitors for the first part of June to kick off our summer. Might be time for homemade chocolate-raspberry ice cream. πŸ™‚

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4 Responses to One down…

  1. akasleen says:

    So happy to read this update! Celebratory m&ms all around (m) (m) (m)!

  2. Gwen Olsen says:

    My prayers are in full swing for you guys.

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