And, one left…

…in the round of appointments all bound up in the past week. Tomorrow I have post-op with the heart surgeon and should have official results from last week’s echo. The reviewing doctor there said it looked about the same as the one I had in the hospital post-surgery, which is good. Hopefully that holds. Next echo is the first week of June, and they will be continued on a regular basis going forward.

The real fun last week was the baby stuff! OB visit on Wednesday, where baby tried to hide from the Doppler but eventually gave up. There is nothing like that whoosh-whoosh-whoosh. No surprises on the blood work from the previous week–still anemic, looking pretty good otherwise. I wheedled another Zofran script out of her (that stuff is magic AND gold, it’s so good), and will continue on progesterone supplements for the next few weeks. I seem to be a mixed bag on weight checks–one scale says I’ve lost about five pounds, another says I am holding steady with no weight loss. I’m happy either way, after losing eight and ten with the boys through a combination of lost meals and aversion to eating. Or, really, thinking about food at all. Overall this has been MUCH less unpleasant, which bodes well (or at least not awful) for the chemo experience, when Zofran will once again be my special friend.

Thursday was the kicker, literally. We had a 12-week screening ultrasound for baby, and this one is a performer! The boys both had a tendency to be asleep during ultrasounds…cute, but not too exciting. IU Baby, however, seemed to think it was kickboxing hour in there. We could see little feet and arms waving around, and it looked like at one point s/he was rubbing that little nose. Are babies itchy in utero? Hmmm. The show finished with an arm thrown over the eyes, as if to say, “I’m done, leave me alone!” As a bonus, the tech got all the shots she needed and everything looks good at this point.

So, all in all a good week on the medical front. Baby is doing well, lymph nodes are cowering in fear of my awesome pregnancy hormones, and my heart seems to be on good behavior for now too.

Looks like we are ready for a week at the beach! Hush puppies and Duck Donuts are calling my name. Even better, the ocean will be there. Best of all? Family and friends.

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One Response to And, one left…

  1. akasleen says:

    ooh, beach it up. I’ll pray for good weather. (I SO miss the ocean. We went to FL in February but all I was brave enough to do was to stick my toe in 😛 It was freezing.) Great to know you’re being well cared for and that the news is GOOD.

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