Moving along

I have been remiss. I skipped two weeks worth of minutiae regarding my medical appointments. The main news is that despite some flubberdubs with last month’s lymph node ultrasound, this month’s ultrasound and blood work are still stable so “not this month” was the word from the oncologist this week. Always a relief! We are hoping that next month is more of the same so we can take a research trip/family vacation that is scheduled to start right after that appointment…one month at a time, though.

OB was another good visit–generally boring with the exception of hearing baby’s heartbeat, and this time Daddy was along for the fun. 🙂 That whoosh-whoosh sound does not get old, nor do I ever completely lose my small bit of apprehension as the gel goes on and the doppler goes looking for baby. I am still amazed that THIS baby is here and thriving. It’s also kind of my first experience with mommy guilt for an in-utero child. Sorry about the anesthesia and chest x-ray and possible chemo action, kid! It’s not a major thing and I think baby is as happy to have me as I am to have him/her along for this ride despite the complications. I’ll be sure to ask once we both catch our breaths after the birth. Or, maybe not. 🙂

The slightly more detailed update on the ultrasound front is that apparently last month’s lymph node scan was actually a scan of my…wait for it…fat deposits! I will not be returning to that office for future scans. Essentially this means that the nodes did not shrink as we thought last month, and we had to compare the May scan to January, before the biopsy. It’s hard to compare the left side where nodes are now missing, but the right side is still intact and provided decent comparison. The nodes there are slightly larger, but overall have not changed much considering the four-month interval.

Also of some note was meeting with a new cardiologist who sub-specializes in maternal-fetal cardiology issues. No real news there, other than scheduling another heart echo (the previous one was cancelled so it has been since May 18). If that is normal she is fine with not having me come in again for a while since “you probably have a lot of other appointments.” Um, yes. That will happen this Thursday, so stay tuned.

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