So, yay.

The heart echo today was “normal”. Or maybe she just said unchanged since May 18, but status quo is as close to normal as I expect to get! Chris and I were both very relieved to get this news–obviously on the health front it means that I am not at any greater risk for problems from the effusion right now, but on the vacation/trip front it means one less hurdle to cross. Each month it seems I have one SOMETHING to look forward to if I make it through the scan and blood work gauntlet. For now, it is our trip. In August…maybe getting Chris to a “normal” start of the semester? September will be my parents visit, and if I pass in October I am essentially looking at a full-term pregnancy without chemo. I have these hopes, little dreams, while still trying not to get my hopes up too much about all of it…as the oncologist said last time, “You will have to start chemo at some point.” Well, yes.

I am also officially feeling pretty much normal on the morning sickness front, and I’m also thankful to not be doing chemo now so I have at least some time of not feeling sick! It’s a relatively minor issue in many ways, but it’s just plain nice to have a break.

Speaking of breaks…I get one next week! No medical appointments for me, yay! I’ll take it while I can get it. We dive back into the round for two weeks after that…anyone else getting tired of all of this yet? 😛

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One Response to So, yay.

  1. RC Smith says:

    Haven’t been in touch for awhile…but I and the church continue to offer many prayers for you and the family! Glad to hear you are doing well.
    God bless, RC

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