And another

Today was a banner day, with visits to the oncologist and the OB sandwiching a fantabulous Mexican food lunch of chicken enchiladas with salsa verde, sour cream, and guacamole. Oh yeah! The lunch was in fact celebratory, since the oncology visit gave us another “free pass” month, and we are using this one for a family working vacation. Daddy will be doing most of the working during business hours, but he will join the rest of us for the vacation part during evenings and weekends. We plan to visit museums scientific, historical, living, artistic, and children’s, as well as shop at Trader Joe’s all month, see numerous friends, go to the pool as often as possible, and enjoy the rare treat of living with central air conditioning! For these and many other reasons, I was relieved to the point of feeling fairly emotional for a while that we didn’t have to make any hard decisions about the coming month. Once we get back from this trip we will just be here and will need to be ready for anything…but for now we get one more.

It also means I get at least another month and a half of feeling good. “Morning” sickness is gone, I am feeling baby move, and even strangers can almost tell I am pregnant just by looking. It’s the anti-public-attention gene that runs strongly in my line–my babies like to hide for as long as possible. That said…all was pretty much routine with the OB. I did score the victory of being able to tell her where to find the heartbeat, since baby had been saying hi just a minute before the Doppler came out. And, just for the record, I am now just past 20 weeks–halfway there!

So. Good oncology visit, good Mexican lunch, good OB visit…what else was left but good ice cream? So we did that too, thanks in large part to Chris’s parents being in town visiting and hanging out with the boys for most of the day. It was a very good day for one that did not include a nap.

Joseph asked me tonight how big the baby is now, and I had not even an approximate clue. Bigger than a tennis ball? Smaller than a cantaloupe? I was able to tell him that we will find out on Friday at our big ultrasound how big baby is, as well as get some new pictures. He seemed satisfied, but I realized how little baby-related reading I have done this pregnancy. I did relatively little with Luke, but even less this time. I am enjoying the experience, and it is certainly on my mind, but somehow the details in the big pregnancy book are less important after the first time. There is nothing like that first-baby excitement, but there is also a deep satisfaction in being able to just be along for the ride and develop my relationship with this baby on OUR terms.

There has also been much less preparation for this baby so far, other than the mini-van of course. There will be some things we need to get–bottles and related equipment, a new carseat. There will be things we need to do–wash and ready baby clothes, get the crib set up again, pack the hospital bags. Those will be good fall/third trimester projects, though, even if I do start treatments and it all goes a little crazy. A couple loads of laundry and an Amazon order should about do it.

It’s a lot more fun to think about baby stuff than cancer stuff, but right now I am living with baby reality a lot more than cancer reality, so it’s easier in that sense too. This past week between the scan and waiting for the appointment was a little more focused on the cancer reality, at least in snatches. Par for the course.

I feel like this journey has hit the boring part, at least in terms of events and details…this is good in many ways! I know it will pick up at some point, too, but until then, thanks for following along with me and indulging my baby-rambles. 🙂 I’m happy to get to share good news, and even happier to get to live it.

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4 Responses to And another

  1. Aunt Barbara & Uncle Dave says:

    Awesome news and topped off with a great Mexican meal. Just doesn’t get any better than that my love..Hugs and kisses from Oregon…

  2. Kathleen says:

    Wooo-Hooo!! Great to hear that news. Catch a hug my friend.

  3. akasleen says:

    Wonderful news. Please take LOTS of pictures in the museums for your devoted and museum-loving fans. Sounds like it’s going to be a great time!

  4. Grandpa and Grandma are sooooooooooooo thankful to be here and help in any way we can – we had a great day yesterday with the boys. Know you will all have a memorable time this next month!

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