Baby update, with ultrasound results!

Sorry, not those results! Everyone has to wait until delivery day for the boy/girl/red hair question to be settled.

We had our big (20-week) ultrasound today, and baby looked great! The tech was very happy because baby was active but “cooperative”, lol, meaning s/he moved where needed when asked. Keep it up, little one! Baby is measuring right on target at 13 oz., and they will check in again at 28 weeks (this the high-risk office so I will get u/s every 4 weeks from there).

After talking baby she wanted the update on me, with the perpetual question of when I will be starting chemo. Gave perpetual (PTL!) answer that I have monthly scans and blood work which so far have been stable, and I will start when that changes or after baby is born, whichever comes first. If I start while pg they will all consult about that, and there will be some finagling of my treatment schedule (every 2 weeks) to allow post-birth recovery, but this doc had had a breast cancer patient who gave birth while in treatment so had some idea of how all this might go. There is also a possibility of an early delivery, depending on circumstances, but I am hoping we don’t have to make that call.

For now, I am just thankful that this baby is doing so well–I get lots of communication throughout the day and I am loving it. 🙂 Also starting to show more–I carry high and inside, then it’s a watermelon belly when I do pop–no cute volleyball/basketball for me! People have been very indulgent with my insistence that I AM getting bigger. 😉 Sickness has been gone for about three weeks, and I have gained about 4 pounds from starting weight (never really lost this time, thank you Zofran).

And that’s the baby update! We are off to our family/working vacation this weekend and have NO medical appointments until we get back in a month, so the blog might be slow for a bit. All for a good cause!

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One Response to Baby update, with ultrasound results!

  1. Monika says:

    Super-duper news! I am so happy that baby looks good. Have a great vacation! Monika

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