A Sacred Space

This week is a sacred space. The space between test and result, between summer upheaval and “normal life”, between “I don’t have to think about it yet” and “I don’t have to think about it again.” We are having lovely late-summer weather, complete with thunderstorms and cool nights and cicadas, none of which would be part of late summer where I grew up. It is a week filled with the joy and relief of re-entering routine, complete with an “exception” to routine (in the form of dear friends visiting overnight) which only serves to make this week seem even more normal. 😉 There is ALWAYS an exception.

We arrived home a week ago from our month away (which incidentally was not medical-free as anticipated thanks to non-existent infections) and had a wonderful visit from Chris’s sister that lasted until yesterday. The day after we arrived home I had the next lymph node scan and an OB appointment. The scan looked fairly standard to me–a slow but steady rate of growth for the several enlarged nodes on each side, but nothing that looks too crazy to me. I will do blood work this week to complete the testing round, and then we go back to oncology on Monday for results and the next step. Monday is also the first day of classes for Chris, and the first day of kindergarten for Joseph. Chris will be teaching a first-year seminar and a survey of American literature; Joseph will be emptying the dishwasher (lifeskills!), playing in the backyard (science!), and baking cookies with me (math! more science!) before getting socialized with a friend while Chris and I go to my appointment. A full day for all, and yes, friends, we are homeschooling.

The really big question looming is WHAT KIND OF COOKIES???

Also, the Chemo Question, but I don’t have to shop for that.

On the baby front, at 26 weeks baby is out in front. Strangers (all women, though) ask when I am due. Shirts don’t fit. Maternity shorts are almost binding. My abdomen jumps at odd moments and tightens at intervals. I am generally and specifically tired (just to cover all of the bases on that). All this, and the third trimester starts on Monday, too! We get our next peek at baby, and an opportunity to grow in saintliness by practicing fortitude and NOT finding out, the following week. Little mover-and-groover likes to get my attention fairly often during the day, but not noticeably at night so far. May that trend continue through adolescence.

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3 Responses to A Sacred Space

  1. akasleen says:

    Through adolescence? Dreamer! Welcome home, and an even BIGGER welcome to the world of homeschooling! You’re going to be great at it.

  2. Michelle Perrenoud says:

    You have such a gift for writing! I felt as though I was reading a classic novel. Such fluidity, detail, poetry, and depth. Love it!

    I will pray that this period of transition is easier than expected – filled with many joys!

    So glad that your baby is growing well…and will pray that this continues.

    Best wishes to Chris in his academic teaching endeavors. May he feel great reward in teaching…and receive positive feedback from his students and peers.

    As to homeschooling, is this a short- or long-term goal? You are brave, adventurous, and must like a challenge. 😉 May you have strength, wisdom, energy, and creativity beyond measure.

    Do enjoy these days, weeks, and months ahead!

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