Another reprieve

Another four weeks of freedom. That’s how it always seems. It WILL end someday, and not too long from now all things considered, but not now. Lymph nodes are relatively unchanged–some up, some down, nothing dramatic–and blood work is within acceptable levels. Quest labs did manage to once again NOT provide my LDH results (cancer activity). Instead of leaving them off completely as they did in May, this time they ran my LH (luteinizing hormone) levels instead. Guess what? Still pregnant! Baby appreciates the vote of confidence.

Today’s results were a big relief, partly because we are at the beginning of a new semester (a time of energy-drain in general) and partly because the closer we get to baby time the more fraught it all gets. The stakes get higher–so much closer to finishing the pregnancy with no chemo, and so much closer to having to make some complicated decisions or face hard options. The oncologist did seem to be more optimistic than previously about the possibility of making it all the way, and once again mentioned the good work my pregnancy hormones are doing toward that goal.

We also had the chance to talk some about the course of treatment, different options for start times, and what will need to happen along the way. We still seem to be looking at six cycles (12 treatments spaced every two weeks) of chemo, and radiation is up in the air. It would depend largely on how the cancer responds to chemo, and would likely happen at the end of chemo if at all. An interesting point he made about Hodgkin’s is that it is so curable that while it is tempting to do less chemo if things respond well, it’s not worth cutting the cure rate for the sake of four fewer treatments. I am good with that–get this sucker gone!

All in all, a very good visit. Even my blood pressure was back up to my classic numbers, as a sign of physiological cooperation. First day of college classes, kindergarten, and third trimester also went well for those involved…even Luke managed a significant first by climbing up the side of his brother’s bunk bed. Pray for him!

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One Response to Another reprieve

  1. Hannah Tatu says:

    We’ve been thinking of you Emily & Chris, and the offer still stands that if you need anything – we’re close by and would be willing to do anything you need. Take care! Hannah

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