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I am officially official.

I have officially entered full-fledged cancer patient territory with the start of chemotherapy yesterday. It was a long day of paperwork, vitals, blood work (that part a blessed non-event with the PICC line in), asking questions, answering questions, trying to … Continue reading

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Here we go! Or, expect the unexpected.

I had an MRI this morning to assess the “something” that was discovered near my heart during the echo three weeks ago…turns out there IS a mass pressing on the right atrium. It is “not emergent” today, but oncology and … Continue reading

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Death, taxes, and more testing

Adding an item to Ben Franklin’s “sure things in life” list. I had a follow-up appointment with my cardiologist after last week’s echo. The fluid looks good still, and not likely to cause trouble at this point. The new “fun” … Continue reading

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Random results

The results are in from the re-do of the LDH test…normal range is 100-200. In June I was at 151, in July at 180, and last week? 137! How’s THAT for corroboration of the oncologist’s “things don’t seem to be … Continue reading

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