Random results

The results are in from the re-do of the LDH test…normal range is 100-200. In June I was at 151, in July at 180, and last week? 137! How’s THAT for corroboration of the oncologist’s “things don’t seem to be taking off for now”? Danger zone for me is going above 300, so I think we are okay for now.

Also had a follow-up heart echo yesterday and the tech thought the fluid present was slightly less than in June…we’ll see what the doc says next week, but at least it is most likely not drastically more. Yay!

And, to round out the excitement, we get a peek at baby tomorrow. 🙂 Our little “ninja baby”, both in physical activity, and in the kicking tail of cancer progression with all of the pregnancy hormones. Thanks, baby!

Just a quick one this time, since I wanted to share some happy news.

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2 Responses to Random results

  1. Aunt Barbara & Uncle Dave says:

    Awesome news..brings joy to our hearts and minds and so grateful to hear this news..Love and Kisses to you and family.

  2. akasleen says:

    ninja baby! Now *there’s* a visual. I like it. A whole lot 😀

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