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This post brought to you by the letter “P” and the number “12”

Please, no political Sesame Street stuff…gaaaah! S’funny…when you are pregnant? And doing chemo? And have an intrusive mass by your heart? They all want you to DRINK WATER (and other non-recreational beverages). Because dehydration is bad for blood volume, and … Continue reading

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Settling in, unsettled

Highlights from the past week and a half: –spent three days after treatment doing a whole lot of nothing, but managed to avoid landing back in the hospital. For these small victories, we are thankful. –hired a part-time nanny to … Continue reading

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I can post photos! Just like a real blogger.

This is my practice run, for a little fun before the serious business of posting baby pictures. And, finally, me. At exactly 7 months pregnant. Right before we took off for the Great Chemo Adventure. And if you didn’t know … Continue reading

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Round 2, TKO

I am not sure if it is Round 2 or I on the mat, but R2 is certainly in the building. Last night was somewhat low-sleep, the day at the hospital was longer than expected (which, by now, I should … Continue reading

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Baby fun! And “other”.

We had a growth scan this morning so got to get a peek at baby–quite a few peeks, as it turns out. They were able to image the face just fine and baby was awake and performing, so we got … Continue reading

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Home again, again.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us yesterday (Monday) and today! Not exactly the day we expected, but that seems to be par for the course now. So, the “feeling really tired” I mentioned in the previous post? And … Continue reading

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Adjusting, round one

(Posting this first since I wrote most of it Monday morning…more recent update to follow.) Since I am certain there will be several phases of adjustment, the next big one hopefully being when baby is born. I left the hospital … Continue reading

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