Another Thursday, another mid-way mark between one treatment and the next. I am feeling surprisingly good, to the point where it seems like I have as much energy as I’m going to with being eight months pregnant. Both times before, a week out felt like I was still climbing back up. It might be my body adjusting, it might be that I spent the three “down” days (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) truly down for the most part, so that by Tuesday I was able step cautiously back into normal life without wondering if I was on the edge of relapsing.

It might also be two very uplifting events between yesterday afternoon and today. The first was the return of electricity (and heat!) after nearly 48 hours without in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. We were very blessed that it was not any longer and that our area, in general, is functional in terms of services and resources, but the outage went long enough that the end of it was a major mood boost. The other boost came my way today at the OB office, where ultrasound showed that baby is, once again (and for GOOD, by golly!) head down. Really, other than being pre-term until Monday, at this point baby can come any time. Okay, not really…but really. Sooner is not ideal, right after chemo is not ideal, but now that we can do this without a c-section I feel much more at peace. Even the idea of induction, which has been on my stress list for weeks now, doesn’t seem as hard to take. It’s still not my favorite idea, but I know I can handle it.

Although, to be honest, I’d rather not, so prayers for spontaneous birth in the November 16-18 range are appreciated. 😉

After rescheduling her flight due to the hurricane and then hitching a ride to the airport (with another woman and her daughter) when the bus driver announced that they were running weekend schedule today, my mom finally made it onto her plane and, I assume, is in the air headed home now. She will be back next week…sorry, Dad!

One day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful father! It was a milestone birthday but I’m not posting numbers! He spent it without my mom thanks to the craziness out here, and I want to say how thankful I am for him and all the ways he loves and supports me (us), and not just right now in “crisis mode” but all the time. Love you, Dad!

This is a minor digression, but please pray for the family of a woman from my hometown named Kristen. She was a mother of three who lost the battle after five rounds with cancer in various forms. Please pray for her family, especially her young children, as they mourn. Her funeral is next Tuesday.

To say that Kristen’s story and death is hard for me is a simplification…on one hand our situations are fairly dissimilar, but on the other she was a woman close to my age, with children, fighting cancer. Too, too many others are in the same situation, but knowing someone even slightly who is going through it makes it much more real. Yes, I am in the fray myself, but there is still room for the awful realities and suffering of cancer to become even more real to me. It is much closer to home for many.

There is also a local woman we know of, a friend of a friend, who is dealing with cancer that was discovered while she was pregnant but not truly diagnosed or treated until after her baby was born. She has written very thoughtfully about the experience and her story has helped me to be grateful for mine. On the medical front, we were never told that we had to choose between me and the baby; we were never even told we might have to choose. From the first, my oncologist knew and told us that chemotherapy could happen during pregnancy and, significantly, without serious effects for the baby. Between the type of cancer I have and my doctor’s level of informedness, I did not have to mark each week of this pregnancy as one that increased my baby’s odd of living while decreasing mine. Many women do. Our baby is thriving and I am in no more danger than I ever was. Please pray for those who do face fear and increased danger as cancer patients while pregnant. I really can’t articulate the mix of emotions brought by just thinking about how different this could all be.

God is good.

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2 Responses to Mid-point

  1. Stasia says:

    praying that the Lord will demonstrate His power of love, grace, and healing through you! love, the Darlings

  2. cj trent says:

    love your 12-factoring over here in the Math dept! Praying for baby day monday and for all of you, love, cj

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