This is it!

Tomorrow is baby day. And tomorrow begins at midnight, which is when I am supposed to show up at the hospital to start the induction. Apparently low-dose pitocin overnight will get things going a little but still allow me to sleep…riiiiight. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

I had very different experiences with the boys: one an induction at two weeks late, pushing urge too early, epidural, long night, 2.5 hours of pushing, infection, baby with nuchal cord and 48 hours in special care; the other, mild contractions starting in the morning two days after the due date, getting interesting around lunchtime, getting to the hospital at 4 cm. at 3:45 p.m. and med-free birth at 4:55, home the next day because I was feeling fantastic. But both babies came out, both were and are amazing little boys, and this baby will join our family soon no matter the particulars. I am amazed to be here, mostly ready both practically and emotionally, and incredibly thankful to God for the health of this baby and the many wonderful people who have supported us with prayer and/or help along the way. I am thankful for an OB who shares my faith and brings trust in God to every aspect of her life, including, especially, care for mothers and babies. Please pray that she doesn’t miss this one! Luke’s timing was a bit of a surprise to all of us. šŸ˜‰

I will post the big news once we have it, and baby pics…sometime. Hooray for wifi at the hospital!

At this point I am scheduled for chemo on Fiday. No Black Friday shopping for me! We have Chris’s mom, our nanny, and playdates for boys all lined unto help us muddle through the next week…it’ll be a little crazy, but it will work out.

Not much more to say here, other than thank you to all for the prayers and support. I am so blessed, and very ready to meet this baby.

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2 Responses to This is it!

  1. Mrs. Woods says:

    I will be lifting you in prayer. Happy birthing, my friend!

    • It’s official. L&D beds are 7.325% as comfortably padded as maternity beds. The pillows are 25% as thick. I had forgotten…was a tad distracted last time by the time I made it to L&D!

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